Created by WS-71, 2015

FOX News—Essay 4

It was Friday evening. 8 pm. I came home after a hard day. It was a pleasure to realize, that weekend started. I cooked some chicken. I opened a bottle of bear. I sat on my couch.  I was relaxed. I found my remote control. I clicked the first button. I clicked the second button. I clicked the third button. Nothing interesting. I clicked forth button. Wow. “Mysterious signals from spaces caught life for the first time”. Cool. Probably next year I will have a new alien roommate. Next news topic: “ McDonald´s fries in the US have way more ingredients than UK fries”. Great. I wonder if there will be some useful news. “Surprise! X-Ray shows what toddler swallowed”. Sponge Bob. So sweet. Great. I wondered, what is a channel name. OH. Fox News.

To cut a long story short, this channel is one of the most popular news channel in USA. More than 85 per cent of American citizens have this channel in their houses. Practically every American have seen it or heard about it once. Never the less, I wonder, how many people do realize the fact, that watching fox news is not the same as to get useful and important information. Statistic show us the trend, that Fox News actually does not give their audience the possibility to be aware of what is actually going on inside as well as outside the country. As I mentioned in the first paragraph, Fox News shows some garbage news.

On the one hand, it was very interesting to know the fact about US and UK fries. It was not only interesting but also it was something I wanted to watch after a hard day sitting on my couch and drinking beer.

On the other hand, one can be satisfied with the quality and quantity of such news. Then it can lead the whole society to a big trouble. Government can then do a lot of things, hiding the truth, and most of people will not simply know it. The second problem is, that a lot of people becoming patriots of their countries, after watching such news. They simply can not know a lot of facts, analyze them and create their own point of view.

Let’s be honest, nowadays people are talking more about fries and aliens, than about real problems like wars. Wars in Syria, in Ukraine in Iraq and a lot of other local conflicts around the world. Why? Some will accuse me in adherence to conspiracy theories, but it is easier for governments and powerful people to control the other people. They just give them the illusion of knowledge. That is why, the best way to know the facts is combining the sources of news. Only this will give the possibility to collect enough data to analyze.