Created by WS-71, 2015

Facebook—Essay 4

Facebook was founded on the 4th. of February 2004 by Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg. For the exact way of how it established and what happened before Facebook was founded, the movie, The Social Network, was made in September 2010. But why is there a hype in Facebook? why do people use it everyday and that even several times.

Facebook was created to get in quick contact with fellow students, so that meetings could be arranged or information can be exchanged without meeting directly. Compared to what it was supposed to be used and the use of today there is a huge difference. Most Facebook user care more about their appearance. This has a lot to do with how you can portrait themselves. So let us start with what can you do on Facebook and maybe how can you make yourself more interesting. Every user has his own page. This page can be seen by actually everyone. Of course there are options but for now we leave out all kinds of options which would allow some Facebook useer not to see the profile completely from other user. On that own page you have a big space on top for a so called cover photo. Directly under it parted to the left is a small so called Profile picture.  Directly under that Profile picture you can see all kind of information about this certain user. For example where he is working, what school he is attending, date of birth and so on. Furthermore you can see all his friends there and if you have common friends they will be listed to show that you might know that person. For user which want to express themselves a lot or which have the need for it, there is the option to make so called "posts". The posts mostly consist of a small text and sometimes of a picture what shows exactly what you are up to. The space where your "posts" are posted is called "wall". On this wall other user can post or they tag you in their own post. Your friends and other user now can like the post by pressing the like button or comment on it. Some user also upload a lot of pictures from their vacation or themselves. Let's do it on an example on me.

What do I have or better what can you find on my profile? First the Cover Photo. A picture of a lake und right under it a picture of myself so that people who know me can easily recognize me. Then of course information such as where I'm from and where do I study, my gender date of birth, family member and of course how many friends. When I tell you now I have 372 friends on Facebook some people probably will say you accept everyone otherwise you would not know so many people. But this is simple. If the person I tell that knows I had a High School year in America they mostly understand ok you met the lots of people. So 372 friend is a lot that true but still there are people with about more than 1000 Facebook friends and I think that is quite hard to believe if that person only know these people or are those actual friends. What else can you do in Facebook. To complete your profile the user is able to fill it with information such as religion, what are your favorite books or artists or maybe movies or series. There is actually no limit of showing what you like or sometimes even dislike.

Since you have no limit of how much or how often you can post, some user share literally everything they do. No matter if it is something simple such as what they are eating or where they are leaving to. Sometimes you can even find on the web the most hilarious posts about user posting things that are more than stupid. For example: "How did they film Titanic, Titanic must be fake how could someone record it because everyone was like dead or drounding." For real how stupid can people be. There are recordes of people who survived even the movie shows it. Even though in the news and the web there is a lot of talk about how unsafe your data is on Facebook, millions of user still do not stop using it every day. Do they simply not care or do they not understand what it means? How does facebook connect or makes the life easier. Through instant messaging Facebook user are able to communicate quickly and since there is a app for Facebook for every system, there are no limits to write with whom you want, when you want and wherever you want. It is also possible to create different kind of groups. because of that it is really simple to posts or send material for example for group tasks or maybe the homework you are supposed to do in those groups. Only the member of that group will be able to see what is posted or changed. Of course there are differnt kind of groups such as closed and open groups. Closed groups are groups with mostly only a few members or user which share the same interest. only the admin can let them in. Open groups are created for the masses. Everyone can join whenever they want. So in the end I want to say or maybe better ask does Facebook connect?

I think it depends on the way it is used. It is perfect if you want to communicate very fast and works effectively. It also would work pretty good to meet new people which have the same interest but that is actually not what Facebook tries. Maybe the society of today should really start being like back then when the phones just came out on the market. Already days ahead everyone was planning what they will do the next days. Now everyone is just checking their phones who is online and then starts writing like it is their last resort.